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Through executive coaching, team development, and private coaching, I support my clients to strengthen their vision and goals, empower them to forge new habits, and develop their understanding of themselves, their teams, and their business.

A business is only as strong as its people. Together, we can put you, your team, and your business in the best position for sustainable, long-term success.

I’m Polly McAllester, a leadership and performance coach based in the North of England, working with people and businesses across Manchester, the North West, and the UK. 


Driven by a desire to support others to achieve their goals, I specialise in developing authentic, impactful leaders and collaborative, high-performing, fulfilled teams.

My belief is that authentic leadership enables individual strengths to flourish, relationships to grow, and teams to come together with greater awareness, responsibility, and accountability. Such authenticity comes from understanding ourselves and others more deeply than we do today.


With over twenty years of industry experience, along with a deep understanding of the neuroscience behind human behaviour, I look at why we think, feel, and behave in the ways we do when faced with organisational and individual challenges. 


This, coupled with my coaching approach to all of my work, allows my clients to navigate any change as effectively as possible, and with the greatest chance of sustained success.

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"The support I have had from Polly has been a unique coaching experience. She has a fantastic way about her which allows you to feel you are in a normal conversation but actually you are working through key challenges in a very comfortable environment. I have complete trust in Polly and feel like I have developed a fantastic relationship with her. I would absolutely recommend coaching with Polly to anybody looking to further their career."

Bradley Topps, Commercial Director

The three pillars of my coaching philosophy

Corporate solutions

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Change is complex.


That’s why I focus on forming partnerships that provide the space, time and structured support that is needed for long-term success.


Through a mixture of group facilitation and one-to-one coaching, I work with my corporate clients to develop strategies that identify exactly what needs to be achieved, why, and what great looks like.

By exploring the dynamic of the team, I help you understand the individual and collective behaviours supporting, or hindering, optimal performance. Creating absolute clarity on the focus for each member of the team. 


My understanding of the neuroscience of leadership equips my clients with a deeper understanding of themselves, and of each other. Through this, you can form stronger relationships, improving communication and the conditions for leaders and leadership teams to perform at their very best.

Working with individuals

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Many of us have times in our lives where things don’t feel quite right. We feel misaligned or stuck. We know we aren’t performing or feeling our very best. We want and need something different, but we either can’t pinpoint exactly what it is or figure out how to make it happen. 


Whether you’re transitioning to a new role, feeling a lack of confidence, struggling with time management, or are detached from your future goals and vision, I can help.


Working with me as your coach and accountability partner will give you the guidance and direction you need to make the change you want to see.


We will unlock your thinking, create absolute clarity on what it is you want and why, and work through the steps you need to take to get you there. All in a confidential, solutions-focused environment.

Webinars and workshops

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My webinars and workshops help people throughout your organisation to better understand why they think, feel and behave the way they do in different situations.


From what happens when they experience change or uncertainty, to how their cognitive biases shape their view of the world, or how they can increase their emotional intelligence and improve their emotion regulation.


My introductions to the neuroscience of behaviour equip people with tools, techniques, and shared awareness that enables them to manage themselves and support others with greater resilience, focus and sense of empowerment. 

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Coaching leaders and high-performance teams to be more connected, authentic, and successful. 

  • Creating clarity of vision and purpose

  • Leading through change and uncertainty

  • Optimising performance

  • Building self-confidence and belief

  • Continued leadership development

  • Adapting to new leadership roles

  • Handling complex and challenging relationships

  • Managing cognitive biases 

  • Enhancing emotional intelligence and emotion regulation


What my clients say...

“I met Polly in 2007 and we instantly connected. She is an easy person to build a relationship with. She has experience of working alongside a wide range of teams, with collaboration as a key focus. Polly is a skilled facilitator with an ability to build trust across the group.

Working together personally as a coach - she has been challenging, insightful, results-driven, empathetic, kind, and funny.”

Kate Vokes, Director at Bruntwood & Oglesby Charitable Trust Chair

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